Month: May 2005

Great Google Information

Here is a link to the google factory tour . They talk about a lot of the new services they will be offering and some that I have mentioned before. They have screen shots of the customized home page, RSS feed adds, and even some info on translation. I really do like google (I know I have said this before). Their …

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FireFox Extensions

If you are like me you probably use firefox or have used firefox. It is a great alternative to IE for web browsing. One of the nice features of firefox is the ability to code extensions or plugins for the browser. I user some very frequently. Here is a quick list of extensions that I use: 1. Web Developer – this …

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IE toolbars

It seems to me that there are a ton of IE tool bars out there. And every program you install tries to add another. I understand the functionality of a toolbar and how useful they can be, but come on. How many do we need. So I started thinking of what I use. And wanted to see what others thought. I …

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IIS Security Enhancements

There is a fantastic document over at Microsoft about the updated security features of IIS 6.0 vs IIS 5.0. It is a very good read and has some great information. You can find the document here ( I admin many IIS boxes at work and frequent many IIS user lists and sites to add information about security and hardening. This document …

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Command Line Tricks

I am a command linke junkie. I have always been, both a linux and windows user and find it is difficult to switch from linux to windows when using the command prompt. In particular, the ls command on linux is similar to the dir command in windows. I found myself always typing ls on a windows machine and getting the “unknown …

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Skype does it again

I cannot say enough good words about skype. This time they were on the ball enough to survey me after one of my phone calls. Asking me to rate the call for both quality and service. way to go skype. The more a company can find out about their clients the more they can help improve any issues.

Custom Google Maps

I have been working on a new project recently that will involve some custom mapping. In my discovery phase I ran across a nifty project called mygmaps (, it is a project to allow for custom google maps. This project which is relayed as a Standalone Mode for google maps, will let the end user populate the map with bullet points. …

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Wireless Extensions

I have been working on 2 wireless projects recently. One is for myself and the other is for a client. A client is in need of blanketing his office and home with wireless access to share his DSL line. To ensure that the space, over 200 Meters is covered, I used a modified Linksys Wireless router. I chose the Linksys WRT54GV2 …

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