Bike Commuting Tools

I had a few setbacks on  commuting this week.  Over the weekend I let someone borrow my bike for a race here in GR.  During the race the chain broke.   Thankfully we were able to get them another bike in about 15 min.  I felt bad that the chain broke, especially since they were in the middle of a race.

However, this put me without the bike until I could purchase a new chain.  In the process of getting a new chain, I got a few other tools and items for commuting.

To replace the chain I needed a chain tool, which I promptly busted using the first time.   I was able to make it work but it took twice the time.  I always tend to forget about the chain on my bike.  The chain was the original one and had taken a beating.   This time around I got a bottle of White Lightning to make sure that I keep the chain lubricated and cleaned.    I then purchased a seat post rack.  My intention is to not have to carry a backpack.  I installed the seat post rack but now I have to figure what to use on the rack.  My current backpack is too large and spills off the side.   I also had to remove my rear flashing light and now don’t have a place to mount the light.   I’m not too sure that I really want to commute in the dark without the rear light.  I’m working on a solution at the moment.    In addition to the other items, I also got a bike computer.  On my road bike I mainly use the computer to track speed and distance.    I realized last week while commuting it was hard to see how fast I was going, and to also note how far I had gone.    Because I have an older rock shock on the bike it was a pain to add the sensors.

Anyone have other suggestions for accessories when biking?   Are you a backpack or rack / panniers type person?  I’d love any feedback on ideas.


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