WordPress–Contact 7 Form (special mail tags)

wordpressI have been using wordpress for a while now.  It is one of the best content management systems I have used.  Fully customizable and it has a great community of developers to help solve challenges.   My favorite plug-in for wordpress is the contact form 7.  Contact Form 7 is the most robust and configurable form tool that I have found for wordpress. Recently on a project that I am working on, I had the need to capture what page a person sends a message from.   In the past I have used the “Special mail Tags” from the contact form 7 plug in.    These special tags allow you to capture a few great elemtns (“page name, page id, url, etc..”)  You can read more about these items here on the contact form 7 site.

The challenge with my recent site was that these items were not getting populated in the email.  After a bit of digging (reading the bottom of the information site) I realized that they do not work when the form is used in the sidebar of a wordpress site.

As a work around I used the side bar to launch a popup page that I passed the page in the url. I then on the popup page could gather the page location from the url.  I love it when you can find a work around for issues.

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