Unwanted Software and Toolbars – no Thank you

I hate toolbars on my browsers. I despise unwanted software, this is why I was very upset recently with a java update that was being installed on my wife’s computer.

For some reason the most recent version of Oracle Java has added the McAfee Security Scan into it’s install. I am not sure if it was a java update or the initial install but this is upsetting. Especially since java is needed for a lot of apps and sites.

I understand if I just downloaded some software and that software includes a free trial of Software (??) or wants to install a toolbar for their system. This upsets me, but I feel that I made the choice to install the software and that is the price to pay. With Java I feel that it is a needed addition / plugin to do work or use the web. It is my view that adding a toolbar or in this case McAfee Secure scan is very intrusive or malicious.

My wife had asked me earlier in the day if she should update java (as usual I said yes). I did not realize that it would install another app. After seeing this installed I did a quick takeover of my parents computers which also had this software installed (I encourage my parents to trust Java updates and Microsoft only). That will have to change, I don’t think I can trust updates now that try and slip another application into their update.

Oracle (java) even has a page that explains what the McAfee scan is that is included in your install of Java – http://www.java.com/en/download/faq/mcafee.xml

Java you have let me down. Keep it clean, give me an option to just get basic software and no crapware. I have nothing against McAfee, I don’t use their software anymore after some prior bad experiences.

I trust myself to keep my systems secure and protected, I don’t need another tool “java” to add something to keep me protected. What happens when Java decides to add a Game toolbar or app to my system. I don’t want that either.

UPDATE – I fount this forum discussing the issue

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