Windows 8 – App Store

Earlier this month I released two apps into the Windows 8 marketplace (Windows 8 app store). It has been a good experience and shows how Microsoft is doing a great job in creating a developer system to allow for apps. I’ve posted a few things regarding searching and certification in the Windows 8 Store.

The windows 8 dashboard for the store is pretty solid and useful. It has details and great reports for your applications. In the process of releasing IP Address Info and Windows 8 GUID Generator I have become acquainted with the dashboard. When I use a web site frequently I tend to book mark the site and just get used to typing in the url or a shortcut. In the case of the windows 8 store I was not able to do this. The Microsoft team did not create a redirect or a landing page at the root level of that site. IT is not too often that I see any 403 errors at the root of a site. Especially the backend to the windows store.

403 forbidden
403 forbidden

I would have expected a redirect or a login. Instead you get a 403. I am guessing this is just an oversight and will eventually be corrected. The reason I found this was I happened to be traveling and wanted to see if my app was published yet. I remembered the host name (appdev) and assumed I could do and get to the dashboard. To make that url work you need to add storeportals. (very easy to remember)

I hope this gets fixed eventually.

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