Month: February 2007

Sad day in .net world

It is a sad day.  I just found out that GotDotNet ( will be shutting down.  You can read their reasons on the site.  They plan to shut down my favorite section (user samples) on May 22.  I have used that site many times as a great place to get code samples or tutorials.  I really hate to see it go.  …

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VPC performance

I often use Microsoft’s VPC to do development and testing.  The new version of VPC came out Microsoft VPC 2007.  Though my computer has 2 gigs of RAM I still run into performance issues.  Here are a few great tips on how to keep your VPC running at top speed.

Online Tools

I have been wanting to put together a list of online tools.  Some day I will get around to it. Today I just used one of my favorite tools and discovered another related one. I use very frequently. Where a site is hosted, what technology is used. When using domain tools, I ran into it is a pretty good …

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I have made it one week with Vista.  I have migrated all the information I need from my old laptop. But keep finding applications that I am missing.  One of those I am really wanting.  I have used pdfcreator ( for a long time, and their current version does not work with vista.  I really miss my print to PDF option. 

Spout update

The team at has updated their site to include some new features when browsing a move.  You can see these features here ( (Cannonball Run 2) You should join the spout revolution.

Great list of tips

Scott Watermasysk has a great list of tips for using ( I for one did not know the “never use a label” tip.  After discussing with the guys from work a Literal is the beter method.    

Xserver for windows

For those of you who have linux machines at home and use windows at work here is a great way for you to have your linux apps on your windows machine.  I typically find myself needing a simple app written for linux but only have a windows machine handy.  I have a linux box at home and can connect via ssh, …

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Virtual PC (VPC)

People always ask me what OS do I use.  And I have to admit I just switched to Vista.  And with that change I put a serious issue in front of my.  I can no longer develop in older applications (visual studio 2003).  So to get around this I use VPC (virutal PC’s)  I have used these in the past to …

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Self Signing SSL for IIS

Many people have emailed me about how to setup and ssl on their development environment or internal sites without paying for a certificate.  Here are the steps to secure your local IIS server (windows 2003) with a self signing ssl. You will need to download the IIS 6.0 Resource kit from Microsoft – Install just the selfssl (or everything if …

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Gizmodo – And the Winner Is

A friend of mine has just won a cool vista give away from Gizmodo.  Dan Woolston ( submitted a picture of his Tatoo to win a few goodies from Gizmodo. Check out the goodies and tatoo here (  Congrats to Dan.

Tax Time again

I do love tax time.  Not sure why, I think it is because I used to work at a accounting firm. Once again I get to choose a tax software.  I have been using TaxCut for the past 2 years and started to wonder if I should switch back to turbotax.  I migrated to TaxCut when turbotax added a piece of …

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